Technique of Thai Massage

Thai Massage working on the energy points can relieve flows and is in balance, your feeling of well being is restored. You feel good, energized, relaxed, and free from pain and stiffness.

Muscles provide movements of the skeleton by contracting and relaxing. Emotional tension can cause a muscle to become tense, centract, and shorten causing stiffness, aches and pains. Tension also creates and imbalance of force on the spine, resulting in back pain,, neck pain, and headaches which speed the aging process. Massage and stretching in traditional Thai massage will cause the nervous sstem to release endorphins.

The Endorphins can relieve pain and produce powerful feelings of health and well being.

Technique of Reflexology

Reflexology works by using pressure with the thumb & fingers on these reflex points. The result is stress reduction. It enhances the flow of the oxygen to the cells, which increase the body's energy flow, helping organs to function more effectively and return to a state of balance.

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