bagan tp spread to Suwannapoom, south east Asia. Buddhism reached Thailand in the 2nd or 2rd century BC and temples were built with adjacent dispensaries and medical schools. Medical institution and practices of the monastery went along as integral parts of the religious system.

Massage and other healing arts were taught and applied in the monasteries and within the family. In families is has been handed down from teacher to student to preserve the medical tradition for the longest possible time & make it available to the number of people and generations.

Thai massage from the monks is now in practice throughout Thailand, at massage schools, old traditional hospitals, in hotels and on the beaches.

The theoretical of Thai Massage is based on the concept that a life force or energy flow circulates through out the body maintaining health a vitality. The life force is invisible current but can be felt and experienced. When the energy flow is blocked or restricted, it causes sickness or disease.

The human body

remains healthy when it maintains its balance of energy. Working on energy points can relieve blockages and imbalance in energy chnnels. When energy flows and in balance, you feel good, energized, relaxed, and free from pain and stiffness.

Thai massage is an interactive from of body. It is like having Yoga done to your body. Thai massage offer flexibility, internal organ massage, oxygenation of blood, muscle stretched relaxation, and quieting of the mind. Thai massage can be applied very shallowly for relaxation, but can also be applied very deeply to target a therapeutic effect.

A good practice or masseur

selects the techniques and sequeces according to the needs of the client. Chaleysak massage is native massage. This massage have evolved to provide a variety of techniques and body positions.

There are four positions in this massage technique, supine position (lying on the back), side position (lying on the side), prone position (lying on the stomach or facing down) and sitting position.

Rachasamnak massage is a style modified by royal physician at ancient royal court. The massage is more deferential, gental, dedicate and precise.

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