Thai Massage is based on THE FOUR ELEMENTS OF LIFE THEORY. The union of all four elements of life is the key to maintain health. Imbalance on one or the others may cause illness. The body requires these four elements of life to be in harmony for wellness.

Earth :

20 solid parts of the body : hair, body hair, nails,, teeth, skin muscles, tendons bones bone marrow, spleen, heart, liver, ligaments, kidneys, lungs, colons, intestines, stomach, rectum and brain. Thai massage affects the earth element at muscles, bones and ligaments.

Water :

12 liquid parts of the body : bile, mucus, lymph, blood, sweat, liquid fat, solit fat, tears, saliva, nasal mucus, synovial fluid (lubrication of joints) and urine. Thai massage stimulates the water element to flow through the entire body and help maintain healthy functions of the organs.

Wind :

circulates in 6 directions within the body. It is part of life that provides energy for movement in all activity & functions. Thai massage helps direct wind element to flow in the right direction to benefit the body.

Fire :

keeps the body warm and is located near the lungs fire that creates restlessness located near the heart. Fire digests food located in the digestive organs. Fire causes deterioration of the body located in the lower part of the body.

1. Prevention and Health Care

Thai massage techniques prepare the body to ward off bed sores (menstrual cramps), constipation, indigestion, stress, and many other conditions. Thai massage helps maintain health and wellness of the receiver. It is an ancient tool that employed to combat common aliments, increaqsae the effectiveness of the body movement and benefit physiological systems.

2. Rehabilitation and Healing

Thai massage is used as a mean tostimulate paralyzed muscles to help improve circulation and function, and to maintain muscle strength. It has also been effectively applied in the rehabilitation for handicapped children as a practice at the Center of handicap Children in Bangkok. The center trains parents of the children to perform Thai massage on them. Thai massage may also be able to relieve pain, sprains and inflammation of muscles, tendons, joints, as well as reduce stiffnes of joints, increase muscle strength and improve mobility.

3. Mind and Spirit

Thai massage offers the receiver the renowned effect of a total relaxation thus, reduces stress of daily tasks or a hectic environment. Receivers perceive highly positive stress-relief effect and go beyond the present and penetrates into the past soul sphere and help release them.

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